Zucchini Slice Cupcakes


How to Make Zucchini Slice Cupcakes

Another We Hungry Recipe for you to enjoy, with this special and delicious meal which is very easy to make!

What you are going to need ingredients wise is the following:

5 Eggs
1/2 cup of olive oil
1 Zucchini
2 Carrots
1/2 cup tasty cheese
4 slices of bacon
1 cup of self raising flour

Pretty simple ingredients, if you cook a lot your more than likely have already all or most of the ingredients in the house already…..

Ok then, your probably thinking what to do next….

Put the eggs and the 1/2 cup of olive oil into a cooking bowl

Then grate the zucchini, carrots and chop up the bacon

Pour them, along with a half a cup of tasty cheese into the cooking bowl with all the other ingredients.

Whip out 1 cup of self raising flour…

Then mix it all together, make sure its done thoroughly though, as the self raising flour becomes a bit sticky and bits of it don’t mix in with the rest of the ingredients.

However after doing that, turn the oven on to 180 celsius

Whilst it is warming up, pour the ingredients into cup cake paper or if you prefer not cup cakes, a tin (bread loaf/cake size) is good enough too. It will just turn out to be a cake instead.

Once doing that, cook in the oven for 40 minutes or so

Take them out of the oven and enjoy. Make sure their is a crisp colour on the top, if they are really bright they are not ready to be taken out of the oven.

They are mainly a savoury item so do take that into consideration when you do want to eat them, as some people think they could be passed as a sweet (well unless you add icing sugar or a topping).

Hope you enjoy this amazing meal, as per usual send us through your recommendations and we would love to make them!

Stay Hungry….We Hungry!

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