Why Walking in a New City is Better Than Catching Transport

September 14, 2016


Jessy Ice

I know it’s tempting. I’m currently doing it too, exerting the least amount of pressure while exploring a new city.

It’s been three months, fifteen days, seven hours and thirty minutes  since I got to Melbourne, Australia

and I love it. There’s lots more to see and the transport system works like clockwork in comparison to back home. I must admit, I tend to be oblivious about my surroundings when I stick to the public transportation. It was only when I took a walk that I realised there was so much I had missed.
With that being said I have decide to comprise 3 reasons why walking in your new part of the world is better than taking the easy way by catching public transport!


  1. Alleys and laneways  

As I was leaving, like every mother, mine made sure I had a list of a couple of ‘no go zones’. One, and the most vital, was to avoid dark and dingy alleyways at all costs☺.

Imagine my surprise when one evening, a friend dragged me through some laneways that ended up concealing exotic, quaint, heritage filled bars and restaurants.


You probably would never know they existed, unless you stumbled across them as you walk.


Sometimes you see amazing art work, graffiti and pleasant surprises that due to your scepticism wouldn’t have seen previously. Cities all over the world are rattled with the fear of alleyways being dangerous and skeptical, which of course would make sense, as film depicts that image. However the more places you travel the more amazing backstreets you are going to see which I have been fortunate enough to see


We all love a good deal on a good meal.  I took my friends to the Thai restaurant (Ghin Khao). They have $6.95 meals with $1 sodas and it’s a walking distance from their university but they’ve never noticed it because they take the tram past it daily. There is always the obvious searching online to find what exactly we want to eat, but nothing beats walking the streets of a new city, going to an unknown place and seeing they have a great deal!


Of course nothing beats clothing and apparel, when you mystically walk into a store and everywhere it says SALE! That is when you know you made the right decision to walk and breath the fresh air. When you see an amazing dress on sale, that previously stated $50 and you knock it off for $29 you pat yourself on the back and think that the money I saved on Transport was worth it…wasn’t it!


  1. Finding the trees in a concrete jungle.

Don’t you miss the serenity of a stroll among the trees, the feeling of grass instead of pavement? If you do, take a stroll and you may come across a park where you can picnic or meet new people by joining a walking tour group like at Carlton Gardens which has a beautiful tour and museum. I find it amazing to think that sometimes you can walk through a city and you see amazing greenery, when your lost and stuck in the concrete its crazy to see a plant.


I come to think and look at it sometimes and think to myself, how did this happen lol. But not to fear there is nothing wrong with a pictures tree in the city.
They can also make a great place to chill out with friends on a hot day, laying under the palms of a tree to take the shade to my skin.


Jessy has recently moved to Melbourne, originally from Kenya.


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