Why Nutella is better than Peanut Butter.

September 20, 2016


Emma Rigo

Why Nutella is better than Peanut Butter .

Ok, everyone, this is probably the worlds most difficult decision ever, why Nutella is better than Peanut Butter. People will have different opinions on this but I personally think that Nutella is better than Peanut Butter as its a better health choice and there are just so many ways you can use it!

So keep reading to learn why  Nutella is better than Peanut Butter.

Now before we continue I think its important to read about the history about these two iconic spreads:


Nutella was made by the famous Pietro Ferrero (praise the lord) and has made other chocolate desserts too. It all began in Piedmont, Italy and on May 14th 1946, it was officially found. Fun fact, the original name of Nutella was ‘Giandujot’!! Then in 1964 Pietro son Michele renamed Giandujot to Nutella and put the spread into the jar and let the magic happen. The next year the Germans had a taste and fell in love with Nutella. Also in that year the iconic design of nutella was created. In 1966 it has spread into France and in 1978 into Australia. This meaning that Nutella was going big and pretty quickly. In 2007 one brilliant woman came up with the thought of Nutella day on the 5th of February and in 2014 Nutella celebrated 50  years of telling stories and making people happier.


Peanut butter was first used in the 1890’s for people with bad teeth to use for them to get better and then 5 years later the people down at Kellogg’s took over and sold Peanut Butter. In 1903 someone published 300 different ways to use Peanut butter which blows my mind!! Fun fact, did you know that Columbus, Ohio is the oldest selling company still working today?! Anyway in 1922 it began to sell through out California and was huge. In 1922 Skippy was introduced and in 1955 JIFwas made. These brands are still Peanut Butter but with a different taste and texture.

Health reasons:

Doing my research into this topic I found out that Peanut butter has more protein, fat, and vitamins than Nutella. Nutella has more calories, carbohydrates (primarily sugars), and less fat. So really Nutella is technically better for you over Peanut Butter but don’t just live off Nutella!!! If you were to live of Nutella it wouldn’t be the best thing for you as it contains sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skim milk, reduced minerals whey (milk), lecithin as emulsifier (soy), vanillin: an artificial flavor.

The Taste:

In my opinion, I think that Nutella taste better than Peanut Butter as Nutella has a sweeter taste to it and Peanut Butter just tastes plain and boring. Nutella has a sweet taste which is why I think I like it as most children enjoy sweets over savoury foods and can make them feel more cheerful and excited. Peanut Butter has a very nutty flavour to it which is pretty obvious as it is called Peanut Butter. I honestly think that if you were having a kids party, Nutella is the way to go but if you where to dress it up more, head towards Peanut Butter

Ways to use Nutella:

There are so many different ways to use Nutella and here I will list a few with the link if you want to try them yourself!!

Nutella Pancakes

No-bake Nutella bars

Mini Ricotta Donuts Stuffed with Nutella

Nutella cinnamon Rolls

Banana Nutella Smoothie

Gluten-free Choc-hazelnut Meringue Dessert Slice

By reading those names doesn’t it make you want to try them all and just eat and eat!!!!


Now in conclusion everyone will have different opinions on this topic because it is very hard to choose which one is better than the other but I enjoy Nutella, how about you?

Happy eating!!

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