Train Yard – Heidelberg

Train Yard Heidelberg

Train Yard – 184, Burgundy Street, Heidelberg 


The next train heading to delicious station is on its way!

Conveniently located near Heidelberg station, you will find yourself at the Train Yard restaurant.

The temporary interior design along with the laid back atmosphere ensures the staff won’t be checking whether you have “touched on” your train ticket!

Train Yard The We Hungry team was drawn to the beer garden and we were greeted by the powering chrome bar and the playful blue back drop.

Everywhere we glanced, something quirky caught our eye but without even knowing it we were right back into conversation.

The ocean sky (when the roof is open) and picnic benches create the allure that you are situated in a park somewhere far far away.

The dining environment forms the perfect indoor-outdoor experience.

Looking at the menu, we were drawn to the Ronnie Biggs burger it sounding so yum it was a must!

But we were intrigued by who this Ronnie Biggs could be?

The most notable idea for a younger generation person like myself is that he was the ghost which haunts the Train Yard.

But I’m sure if you google it like anything these days you’ll be destined to find out.

(He was actually a Train thief in the early 1930’s)

Along with the burger we had the 4 Pines Pale Ale (on tap) which is refreshing for summer. The bar also offers a number of wines, beers and spirits, just waiting for you to order!

Train Yard

The Ronnie Biggs is definitely a scrumptious burger regardless of potentially being named after a someone who used to rob trains for a hobby.

The burger is like a freight train delivering the goods (the smoked bacon) in perfect condition, right on time it literally melts in your mouth…something to really dine for.

Train Yard is open 7 days a week and prides itself on providing quality house smoked BBQ meats from their Radar Hill smoker.

Also every Friday night, Train Yard hosts live music involving fresh local talent! The Wehungry team is eager to experience The Platform (the beer garden) while enjoying some beverages and grooving to some tunes, next Friday night.

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