Toronto: 10 things to see and do

September 5, 2016


Luke @rig_luke

10 Things to see and do in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


It is officially here, the first We Hungry video!

In a breakdown of 10 things to see and do in Toronto, we look at each number on the video and go further into what really are 10 things to see and do in Toronto.


However this is 10 things to do and see in Downtown Toronto, so sights like Niagara Falls, Hamilton Falls and other Ontario sights wouldn’t essentially count due to the fact that it isn’t directly in downtown Toronto.


However do enjoy these 10 things that Toronto’s downtown has to offer!

1.Union Station


The biggest station in downtown Toronto, Union Station is the primary railway station in the Toronto downtown district. What is so good about it you ask?

Honestly the architecture is amazing and the fact that its an old looking building in the downtown Toronto area really sticks out.

It was under renovations when we were their, however they are constantly trying to re-iterrate this station as one of the best looking in the world.

Almost everyone coming to Toronto will eventually pass through Union station, unless you take a taxi from the airport, but if you take the GO Train from Pearson airport, this is where you will end up.


2.St Lawrence Market


The St. Lawrence Market is something that also will catch your eye, apart from the lust and smell of food in the building, there is also the awesome Canadian gifts to purchase for your loved ones whilst your their.

However most of this gifts will comprise of maple syrup or some cute creature with a Canadian flag, it is still memento of your time in Toronto.

If your appetite is feeling peckish, there are so many food stalls, whether it is hot food, cold food, meats, fish, nuts or even sweets there is going to be someone who sells it at the Market. The also really cool part of the Market is that it is very central to downtown is easily accessible.

  1. Rogers Centre


The Rogers Centre is a MUST SEE when in Toronto, whether you like sport or not, this stadium is very unique to the Toronto people, with it being right underneath the CN tower and next to the Ripley’s Aquarium you can’t really miss it.

Home to the Toronto Blue Jays (Baseball) the team calls this stadium home and when 56,000 people pack into this dome I’m sure their would be a huge racket!

A cool thing about the stadium is there is a hotel actually built into the stadium, which once going their you will actually realise, so if you are looking at places to stay the Rogers Centre could be an option. But I think for the most part, if your an away fan coming to watch your team verse the Jays for a series then that would be the ideal part of staying at the stadium. However don’t forget the Rogers Centre, it’d be a shame not to see it!


  1. Air Canada Centre


The ACC as it is known to the locals, is the home for the Toronto Raptors (Basketball) and Toronto Maple Leafs (Ice Hockey). Now again if your not a sport fan, not to worry! The stadium also hosts hundreds of concerts during the year and I was fortunate enough to see Rihanna play live here! I was also fortunate that when I was in Toronto, the Raptors had made the latter stages of the playoffs and the Air Canada Centre became a Mecca for all Raptors to rejoice and cheer their team on! There is a lot to see around the ACC, so don’t just think its just a stadium, Union Station is actually joined onto the stadium which makes it convenient to see.

  1. University of Toronto


The University of Toronto or as it may be known to locals as UofT, is such a prestigious University. Apart from the prestige you can easily get lost on campus, with their being so many buildings, gardens and hidden areas, I’d almost put my house on you getting lost if you don’t have a map.


The school itself is rated in the top 20 in the world in terms of academic standards, so you know your dealing with one of the best!

One thing to definitely check out is Robarts Library, you’ll be aloud into the library, however your access will only be to the 2nd floor….of the 14 floors lol. Yet again, another landmark part of Downtown Toronto, that really makes the city what it is!


  1. Ontario Legislative Building


The Ontario Legislative Building isn’t one of those sights that you first think of when you go to Toronto, but it looks really cool when you are their and if you can manage a way to get inside then by all means check it out! The architecture on this building is beautiful, and its just a walk on from the the University of Toronto, and to people from Ontario this building would definitely explain a lot of the province’s history.

  1. Nathan Phillips Square


The one sight to make sure you check out is Nathan Phillips Square! The scenery is amazing! The Toronto sign is definitely something to get a photo with. When in winter the water works freeze over and it becomes an ice rink which is really something to do if you happen to be their in Winter. Otherwise if your their in summer, its a great place to chill, with friends and family.

It also is a general meeting place for events to if that makes sense, if anything big happens in Toronto they’ll usually put it here or Yonge and Dundas square.

  1. Gooderham Building


Another one of those ‘I didn’t know this was here’ monuments that Toronto has, obviously the most famous one is New York City, however the design and uniqueness of the building to me is what stands out the most and is a reason I would say visit it!

You probably won’t be able to get in, but it is worth a try! But definitely get a picture and appreciate the architectural design of the building!

  1. Yonge & Dundas Square


This is the real ‘heart’ of Toronto I feel. Yonge and Dundas is where everything is really going on, any event any sort of Toronto or Canadian themed ordeal would most likely happen here. Its always buzzing this part of Downtown Toronto and there will always be someone their whether its midday or midnight, Yonge and Dundas has something for anyone.

Again a nice chill spot, if thats your thing too, however their is a cinema across the road and then of course the Eaton Centre Mall which either way will most likely entice you to spend your Canadian dollar.

  1. CN Tower

AND LASTLY….The CN Tower. Probably the most iconic thing Toronto has, was once the tallest building in the world believe it or not! Which now it is 3rd but however going to the top is a spectacle on its own, you literally can see everything! Their is also the restaurant and of course the observation area, which will leave you in awe it is that breathtaking! Have to, and I repeat HAVE TO go to the CN tower when you visit Toronto, or else honestly you have seriously wasted your visit!

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