The One Eighty – Review – Toronto

September 12, 2016


Luke @rig_luke

The One Eighty (180) Restaurant – Review


Location: 51st Floor 55 Bloor Street W, Toronto

What an amazing location to do a restaurant review, who would have ever thought you would be able to put an amazing place to eat viewing the whole of downtown Toronto!


Well the Manulife building in mid town Toronto has what is truly a spectacular and unique experience to offer for you! Firstly getting to the building is real easy, its a simple walk up Yonge Street until you get to, Bloor and then you take a left and you really can’t miss it!


However once entering the building we must of taken the long way, because we ended up walking for 5 minutes in the building to find the actual entrance to the restaurant. However once their, a massive sign appears above saying ‘180’ then a menu and then of course the elevator to get you to the top!


Going up 50 floors I thought would be a piece of cake, but the ears did pop several times. However when you enter your greeted by the hostess and then given a table. We literally got shown our table and then we straight away went out side to get a glimpse of the amazing view. It was breathtaking!


Ordering didn’t take too long, and we received our food quite promptly, the pizza was so awesome how it was presented, and I got scissors to cut it as well which was a new thing.


The pizza itself was really good, and the experience was a really positive one, I would highly recommend anyone going to Toronto or who lives in Toronto, if they wanted to dine at a special place, this is a must!




Food – 4

Service – 4.5

Atmosphere – 4

Price – 3

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