Spitfire Resturant & Grill

Spitfire Grill Resturant

Spitfire Resturant & Grill

 1181 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud VIC


Spitfire Resturant & Grill – Rosebud, one of the lovely bayside suburbs along the Mornington Peninsula, located roughly a 1 hour drive from the metropolitan Melbourne.

The area, renown as a holiday destination for Melbournian’s also provides the seaside breeze and beachside comfort for the locals.

Today, venturing the 1 hour trek south, we were solely tempted by several Instagram pictures floating around of the amazing Spitfire Resturant & Grill burgers….

Our inspiration drew deep as we managed to see some near meter high burger challenges.

Be sure to check some of them out…they are utterly a mess!!

And be sure to check out our previous burger challenge here

As much of the keen eaters as we are, that was a little out of our league…. and we’ll be happy to leave those challenges to the pro’s.

However, there is a set menu (thankfully) of Burgers that can be taken on by normal sized stomach people like ourselves.Spitfire Resturant Menu

The Spitfire Resturant Menu as you can see here, all have menu item names that has some relation to the theme of military and war.

Which to the restaurants credit, it actually makes it sound really cool! 🙂

Don’t let the names of the Burgers fool you though, they are all massive burgers that consist of a massive knife stuck through them just to keep them upright (which really gives the place its own theme)

Moving onto the actual burger of choice by the We Hungry crew…

The Burger

The CASA CN-235 

Named after the military aircraft, the ingredients of this burger were hard to go against.

Spitfire Burger CASA CN-235
Absolutely stacked, this burger included the following ingredients…
-Housemade Pork Patty
-Double Cheese
-Caramelised Onion
-Guiness Mustard Sauce
-Brioche Bun

To say the least, the burger stands at a bare minimum (we would have to guesstimate) around 30-40cm tall, with the extremely huge knife being the only object keeping the burger upright.

Spitfire Casa Burger

These burgers aren’t for the light hearted…

Pre-caution for those who are thinking these burgers are easy to eat….

They are all a challenge within themselves and do take caution because the proceeding food coma is an absolute killer post mortem.


Be sure to try their house Beer and the Wings they looked great, although we personally didn’t get them, they looked a smelt amazing from the distance we were looking at them from.

Overall tho, for $23 you get an absolute sesh of a burger, you can’t really complain for value for money and the service is on the money with the staff being extremely polite, helpful and super friendly.

If you call your self a giant burger hunter this is for sure a stop you have to make on your way around Melbourne.

Be sure to bring an empty guy and devour.

Thanks from the We Hungry team

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