Serotonin Eatery



Serotonin Eatery. 52 Madden Grove, Burnley


Serotonin, located right opposite Burnley station on Madden Grove in Burnley, is for sure the next feed frenzy that you will sure to be making your way to next!

Upon getting there at the early hours of 7am, I realised they opened at 8….oh well

However managed to get some footage of the train coming by since it does run every 2-3 minutes at peak hour times on peak hour days.

Then, 7.45 rolled by and I decided to just peak my head in and was warmly welcomed into Serotonin.

My initial instinct was ‘damn, this is cool’.

How many places do you know have a swing inside? Comfy couches? Coffee that makes you smile?

Not many thats for sure!

However after riding on the swings…..because, you know… just have too lol,
I made my way to the menu to order!

I had no idea what was good hear, so I saw the granola and that instantly what I was going to go with.

My expectations were decently placed, but I try not to look at Instagram or blogs before a place so I can be surprised.

And oh me oh my, the maculate granola that arrived on front of me looked like it had just come out of the garden bed.



I really didn’t want to destroy the prettiness of artwork in front of me….but… know….we kind of HUNGRY!

Absolutely devouring the granola I could have without a doubt gone another one that is for sure.

As for the coffee, it was literally that perfectly frothed milk, that perfect amount of coffee, it legitimately was perfect.

Every coffee should be like that….well cappuccino I should state.

But as for Serotonin, there is very little to complain about and it seriously is a stunning feed and in a prime location!

The We Hungry Review

Food – 4.5
Service – 4.5
Atmosphere – 4.5
Price – 4



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