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Plug Nickel

Plug Nickel – Peel Street, Fitzroy

Cafe’s are a very common siting throughout Fitzroy.

This we can attest to. Having been to numerous over the last few weeks, it easy to see why the buzz around Fitzroy is strong.

Not only the ‘Hype’ buzz…..The caffeine one too!

Peel Street itself is a tad hidden, but is just of Smith Street near Collingwood.

If you know anything about Smith street, its crazy busy.

Peel Street tempers that flare down, as you will find yourself some 2 hour parking out front you have no excuse to stop for a visit.

Upon arrival at Plug Nickel – I was greeted by Lucien (The man of the show) he welcomed us in a  really warm manner.

Told us a bit of the history of this beautiful place and gave us a bit of background behind it.

Plug Nickel isn’t too old roughly less than a year old to precise which gives it more of a youth feeling. Which really fits into the Fitzroy scenery.

They do have food, which is ordered from the side bar from outside, however walking inside there isn’t too much seating.Plug Nickel

It’s mainly all out front.
Leading into my drink, I had one drink in mind… A nice Cappuccino.

Which was amazing!

It looked good too! Seeing that the artwork and coffee art that Plug Nickel put into there drinks really pulls off that authentic coffee look…..not to mention also the taste!

Superb scenery, especially by the window seal looking out into the picturesque view in front of me.

The seating outside screams ‘Fitzroy’ and you know that feeling of having a good coffee, sitting outside, enjoying the moment….You don’t want it to end.

I really appreciate Lucien and his team, they work really hard (like 7 days a week hard) to give the people a great cup!

Price wise very standard for that area and part of town and if you can get their by foot, even better as it saves you from trying to find a 2 hour park (because you want to enjoy your coffee, not just down it)

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