Pierross Pasticceria

Pierross italian Pasticceria

Pierross Italian Pasticceria

Dudley Street Eltham

People of Eltham!


You wouldn’t think much of food in Eltham, but this is a place that you must put on the front of your mind!

If you know much about Italian food, then you must know that cakes, pastry, coffee and sandwiches are culturally buried into the Italian people.

Let alone the Pizza and pasta of course.

PierrossHowever, when you stumble across Pierross Italian Pasticceria in Eltham you already have the Italian vibe you straight in the face, with the amazing window of food lined up in front of you.

Especially like this bad boy of a donut on the left.

However we’re here for the savoury food because it is lunch time, so we asked Pierross himself what he recommended we go for his favourite focaccia.

Essentially it consisted of, prosciutto, tomato, lettucePierross Pastry
cheese and a side salad, which for what it was…..

Absolute amazing!

You just get the instant vibe of Italy, and this was just through a focaccia!

However, we moved on from this amazing feed, in where then Pierross recommended to get one of his coffee’s, since it is mainly a cafe.

To the sublime standard that I could imagine he was brought up with in Italy, this was no mistake.

Great coffee and even received a nice little donut ball on the side too!Pierross Pastry

Splendid place for you to get your wedding cake, birthday cake or any major function or event cake that you really need, the man can do it all!

Brilliant place to visit, as mentioned absolute hidden Gem in Eltham, its nicely tucked away, but to the locals they would of course know they are blessed with an amazing, hard working restauranteur.

Enjoy this one people, I know its not the most ideal location, but if your keen explorer then you’ll want to go check this one out for sure!

Stay Hungry!

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