Oxford Larder

Oxford Larder

The Cafe, Store, Kitchen & Merchant all in one

Still remaining in Fitzroy and still on Peel Street, there’s a clear sense in this part of Melbourne.

That being Cafe’s!

As we were previously at Plug Nickel, literally up the hill, we decided to walk not even a block to find ourselves another cafe.

This one by the name of Oxford Larder.

Really cool, unique place with the essential coffee vibe.

Once walking in, your met with a minor outdoor area, with kind of a porch area (to an extent).

Then inside, you can see the kitchen on your right and the barista and coffee machine at your first forward glance.

Not to mention, everywhere around the Cafe, there is stuff…..


Oxford Larder

Whether it was homemade jams, pastas, homemade granolas, bread sticks, sweet treats it clear to understand where the whole ‘Merchant’ part of Oxford Larder comes from!

After having an explore through the store, it was time to munch on some lunch and got a nice little spread from the lovely waitress.

A stunning coffee was at hand, along with a salmon and egg black bun roll.

The Coffee firstly:
Really cool with the chocolate on the one half of the cappuccino was really unique and it made the taste even better.

Oxford Larder

The Black Bun Burger Roll:
Nice little snack, definitely wouldn’t fill you up as it just hasn’t got the massive substance behind it.
However the salmon and the egg was really nice together, especially with the unique taste of the black bun roll definitely a nice treat.

Oxford Larder

Overall the Oxford Larder team produce a great fresh face to Fitzroy and Peel Street, with there being a heap of competition around, they really do stick their neck out that bit more to put them above the rest.

Thanks for the read, hope you enjoy another great coffee in the Fitzroy area!

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