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If you’re like me and can’t afford to travel to Tokyo every time you crave authentic Japanese food no need to worry, Melbourne has plenty of options for an eat…. You’ll have to be hunting around for the best thats for sure…Okami!

We managed to have a hunt around and found this unique and exciting venue, by the name of Okami.

Okami is a Japanese restaurant with multiple locations around the city of Melbourne and look like they are on the prowl to grow even bigger and better through the more locations.

Whether you’re new to the cuisine or your past time is sushi, Okami caters for all! They offer an all you can eat menu consisting of traditional Japanese dishes which will definitely cater to that picky friend who never can choose what they want to eat.

This means if you can go a little out there and try something different such as the Takoyaki (you may be surprised) or press repeat and eat until you can’t no more, either way you’ll almost be guaranteed to be satisfied with your feast!

Before you leave though, order the matcha ice-cream so that you can stay in Japan just that little bit longer, its such as an amazing dish and will definitely ensure that you sweet tooth will be satisfied!

Well we had an amazing time at Okami and its just a matter of time until we go back or find another one nearby to try out. Not really your standard Japanese restaurant and really stands out from the pack.

Enjoy guys and be sure to check out more We Hungry content and give us your best advice and suggestions on the menu when you hit up Okami.

Would love to hear what everyone else got!

Yours Truly

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