Mr. Scruffs

Mr Scruffs

Mr Scruffs

Smith Street, Collingwood

Smith Street, yet again providing the goods.

Someone must honestly have blessed this street in Melbourne to be known as food heaven.

This time, we make our way to Mr Scruffs, located towards the city end of Smith Street.

Mr Scruffs

For those who have never been, you really are in for a treat!

For the most of the day, the Scruffs is just restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat for those who work locally for lunch.

However, at night is when (as you guessed) the real fun happens!

Turning into a bar that serves alcohol, food and some sick beats (played by the house DJ).

The vibe is perfect, with there being a beer garden out the back, a seated lounge section in the main room and an upstairs for more space when it is packed downstairs.

Not to mention the seating at the front, which brings a unique affection to Smith Street.

Mr Scruffs – Food

The best part about going to Mr Scruffs is it posses this hybrid vibrant bar/eating scene which perfectly can cater to anyone.

The drinks range as would any bar, however the food is what drags many in.

Let’s start with the Poutine.

Mr Scruffs Poutine

It’s a smashing dish especially good to share with another person however for a snack it can do the job too.

The Scruffs Poutine is very similar to the B.East one we devoured recently, a lot of gravy and cheese and really tasty.

Mr Scruffs – Burger

Mr Scruffs

Let’s consider all things and that the fact of the matter of coming to Scruff’s is purely to get the Burger.

So you’d probably be expecting a lot and for the significance of this burger being arguably one of the best in Melbourne….

A Second Patty Is Required…

Anywho, the burger is, has and always will be one of my most favourite in Melbourne.

It has that original taste, no BS involved and really leaves you satisfied with the succulent meat and special sauce……

Mouth Watering (To say the least).
Mr Scruffs Chicken Burger

Overall, the food is so worth a visit alone, not to mention the vibe and the atmosphere you get from Mr Scruffs.

Make sure you make your way there ASAP!

Part 2: Burger Challenge


Mr. Scruffs threw us up another surprise by welcoming us back to attempt their Burger Challenge.

This challenge is not for the light hearted.

Only a hand full have completed the challenge and with the current record being at 10.08 minutes.

Mr Scruffs Challenge Burger

This is one for the big boys. (And of course Girls)

With 7 succulent patties to devour, 2 buns and of course the cheesey goodness…

This challenge is a definite one to try.

As noted by in the pictures it is literally huge!

Mr Scruffs Burger Challenege

Especially with the picture on the right….Its almost as big as our contestant’s head.

As little as the video above goes to show the true diligence our contestant had when trying to finish the challenge…

It really does make you feel sick after eating all that meat.

As our contestant stated post challenge (Which he did not complete)

‘I’m feeling the meat sweats….I may die’

True legend and clearly not one for a food challenge.

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