Milan – Things to see and do


Milan, Italy

This is a few things to see and do whilst you are in the majestic city.


The Galleria, is the what Italians would call (to an extent) a mall.

Amazing, stunning, devine are some words to describe it and when its cold out, its warm in here!

Il Duomo

A must see and really, you cant miss is it if you are in Milan.

Architecturally amazing, with the possibility to go in (if you like waiting a few hours) and even climbing the top too!

Via Monte Napolene

If your from Milan, you wouldn’t say this is a tourist sight as per say, but its definitely a cool sight to see.

It really goes to show how Milan and its fashion capital likes to portray and show off to those who come visit.

If you have the time (and money) would definitely make a stop!

Arco della Pace

A brillian piece of history hidden not to far from the center of Milan.

There’s not much to do around the area, but there definitely something amazing to look at!

Castello Sforzesco

A real piece of Milano history, this castle is really something to make your way to!

Notable mentions

San Siro Stadium

For those who love sport and soccer, the San Siro stadium is something to gaze upon

as it is one of the biggest stadiums in Europe (biggest in Italy)

Santa Maria Delle Grazie

This church is where you will find the amazing 12 disciples painting, great area to look around and visit for sure!

Cimitero Monumentale di Milano

Last but not least, the massive cemetery in Milan hosts many of the famous dead and those who have contributed to the city. A site worth seeing!

So that is Milan in a short video, hope you like it and be sure to check out Milan and these many sites if and when you make your way to Milano, Italy!

As per usual, stay Hungry

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