Melbourne: 10 Things To See and Do

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

The next city on the list, well it was always going to be on the list!

This is my home town, my city, the city that has been voted the world’s most liveable city 7 times. How could I not do a series here! However This is the 10 things to do and see whilst in Melbourne

1. Melbourne Sports Precinct 
An absolute must in Melbourne! Why you may ask? Melbournians are passionate about their sport, whether it be the Australian Open Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Cricket, Australian Football, Soccer, Rugby all these sports are mist likely to be played at any one of the amazing stadiums that Melbourne has! The biggest stadium, the M.C.G holds 100,000 people and is the true Mecca in the Melbourne sports precinct!

2. Yarra River
You probably think, its just some dirty water that runs through the city. Well your probably right, but it is an essential part of Melbourne and its history. If it wasnt for the river, well you could say Melbourne wouldn’t be as ‘Melbourne’ as it is today!

3. National Gallery of Victoria
This is the so called arts precinct that Melbourne has, similar to the sporting precinct its got everything, museums, art buildings, an eiffel tower looking building and it is right by the city so you really can’t miss it either!

4.Flinders St Station
So Iconic this station, it looks amazing and represents the ‘real Melbourne’ its one of the main ways for years that the outer suburb people make their way into the city and hosts around 13 train lines coming in and out of the station, its a monument you want to get a picture with thats for sure!
5.Federation Square
Essentially the Melbourne version of Times Square really, its a handy hang out spot that also hosts some sick bars and restaurants that you’d probably want to check out! If your in the city and you want to kill sometime, id probably go fed square.

6.Shrine of Remembrance. 
Such a unique architecture that you won’t see much else of in Melbourne, used mainly to remember those who fought in wars for Australia to commemorate and remember them. There is a tour and really good guide that you can check out when there to enhance your experience

7.Royal Botanic Gardens
A massive parkland that is in the city, good to go for a run, walk or if you want to see what Australia’s plant and flowers look like, this is probably the spot! You can also visit the Government House (can’t go inside) when you walk through, see where the Queen gets to stay when she comes down under
The crown casino, the only casino in Melbourne, is literally a good time…If you win. Jokes, you can have a great time regardless as you are placed on the Yarra, with plenty of restaurants and cafes to check out and your in the heart of the city you really cannot go wrong.

9.Queen Vic Market
One of the biggest markets in the world, and the biggest in the southern hemisphere. The Queen Vic Market is an essential tourist thing to see that is for sure. Get yourself a souvenir, have a feed (because YOU Hungry!) and check out what the local Melbourne produce tastes like!

10. Eureka tower
Last bust not least, you can’t go to Melbourne and not go up the Eureka towers. Whether you go on the re-tractable sky deck or not, seeing Melbourne from the sky is awesome! You can also eat there too if YOU HUNGRY! If not $15 will get you to the top and have a gorgeous view of the city!


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