Mad Patties

Mad Patties

Mad Patties

Tunstall Square, Doncaster East

One of the more relatively new burger shops on the block, Mad Patties is a ‘Must Eat’ for all the burger lovers out there.

Having 2 locations now, one being in Mitcham on Whitehorse Road and the other being tucked away in the Tuntsall Square shops in Doncaster East.

For us, Doncaster East was the choice of location and were we treated!

The physical location and size of the shop aren’t the greatest with maybe 10 seats in total.

Assuming that, they provably are taking it that a lot of people are getting their Burger for takeaway or a quick eat….which is fair enough.

However we decided to sit in and devour our burger on one of the few seats.

I personally went for the ‘Double MADness’ burger and added another beef patty on top because… know….3 is better.

Mad Patties
The Burger

The Double Madness Burger is soooooo stacked as you can see above….

Summing up the burgers ingredients it pretty much has

3 x beef patties
3 x Cheese
3 x Bacon
Special Sauce (MAD Mayo they call it)
Caramelised onion

It was utterly beautiful, not only to look at, but the taste was insane!

Mad PattiesNot to forget along with the burger, we decided to order a side sweet potato fries just to mix things up.

They were really good, tasty as well and not to sure exactly but I think there was a dose of Parmesan cheese added to the batter…

The Mad Patties burger has to be one of the best going around in the East…

With there not being a saturation of burger places in that particular pocket of the Eastern Suburbs this sure is to be a stayer in the area.

Mad Patties do have a massive variety of burgers on the menu and cater to numerous people with different eating needs (Gluten Free etc)

Not only do they do Burgers they offer shakes too!


Whether you make your way to Doncaster East or Mitcham make sure you give this a crack it is 100% worth the while!

Be sure to check out their Instagram below as they are always adding new creations and treats to their delicious menu.

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Until the next burger….



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