Panzerotti Milano

Luini’s famous Panzerotti

Milan, Italy

If you have ever wondered what heaven tastes like, then this is not too far off….literally.

Luini’s Panzerotti is arguably the most famous eat in Milan, Italy

If your wondering what on earth a Panzerotti is, it mainly is a stuffed savoury pastry filled with combinations and it is fried to give it a unique taste.

These combos that these panzerroti usually combine of are such as ham & cheese, tomato & cheese and the combination of the three.

However, Luini’s itself has been around since the 1940’s and the panzerroti itself wasn’t even originally from Milan.

It came from Puglia!

That being said, when in Milan, find the duomo and take a 2 minute walk to side street on the left.

Once you see queue’s of people lining up, you know you have found the place!

Wait for maybe 5 minutes, once in, whip out 2.70 euro and you’ll be able to grab yourself a panzerotti!

You’ll be to know that there is no where to sit in the restaurant itself, so you’ll have to bring your delight with you.

However there is so much around Milan to see and do that you can really just eat it on the go.

Ok….So you have your panzerotti, you are staring it in the face and your about to eat.

Take your first bite….


……be prepared to witness the amazing flavour that this little mouthful of magic tastes like.

Utterly amazing….

Words can’t describe the taste….its just…..ahhhhh

You’ll have to try it yourself honestly there is no real way I can define the taste without you trying it yourself!

Well, this is by far one of the best eats of Milan, and for sure you will thoroughly enjoy it!

Remember to keep yourself Hungry for this one, because for 2.70 Euro and with them being a 2 bites of a meal, you can easily down 2 or 3!

Thanks for this one and enjoy when you are in Milan!

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