Leroy Espresso – St Kilda


Leroy Espresso

Leroy Espresso

Acland Street, St Kilda, Melbourne

The beautiful suburb of St Kilda….

Forever vibrant with numerous activities to venture out to.

Whether it be to go for a swim on a hot summers day in the water,

Visit the tourist attractions that this famous part of Melbourne offers,

Or better yet….try out a bar, cafe or new restaurant, there is always a lot to St Kilda has to offer.

Well for We Hungry today, we decided as much as swim would be nice, the food at 12.30 looks a lot more tempting.
Leroy Espresso
Walking around Acland Street, St Kilda there is a ton of options….you really are spoilt for choice.

Today we deiced to go with the first option that came to mind, that being Leroy Espresso.

Our main choice for Leroy was purely to the fact that it had a few tables free….

As every other place on the street was packed to the rafters…..NOT FUN!

Oh well, time to move onto ordering and we managed to have a quick look at the menu.

Leroy Espresso offers a majority of the day ‘All Day Breakfast’ items which were tempting, but being lunch time…..


As is the common sights of the Melbourne food scene these days…Burgers being on the menu, we decided the beef burger was a safe option.

This one was as basic as it gets, with your standard beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese, special sauce and on this one a fried egg.

Fried egg is always a flavour adder, however the special sauce was definitely the essential part for this burger.

The Burger…
Leroy Espresso
Names the ‘Beef Burger’ the name itself seemed basic…

with a side serve of chips (fries) it didn’t look the most appealing, but though to its credit the flavour knocked the looks out of the park.

Really content on this burger, not the greatest burger of all time, however such a fulfilling feeling when you get a nice burger that is cooked right and tastes damn good!

Would definitely recommend checking out this place if in St Kilda, probably check out the coffee and other little delights at the front counter as well….since it is a cafe lol!

Thanks again, another day and another Burger!

Be sure to check out more of our burgers here

And as usual be sure to Stay Hungry!



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