Lambs On Richmond

Lambs On Richmond

Lambs On Richmond

Swan & Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne


Welcome to another epic, Halal snack pack feast that we had made our way to this week!

This time we have been taken to the inner city, Richmond more specifically!

Having seen pictures and a few images here and their on the internet, it was finally time to make our way to the eatery!

A fairly small place, as per usual for a HSP shop, but with many kebabs and other turkish delights on the menu, HSP was the only thing on our minds!

So once ordering and finally receiving our box to smash, we had to dig into it! This one was a little different to your usual.

I swear I saw some lettuce and was a tad shocked! However this didn’t deter We Hungry!

The meat was thick which was good and the sauces where like heaven….as you would expect!

This one however had a bit too much fries, but the fries did taste amazing…..just sometimes less is more….which is what may have occurred!

But none the less the meat was definitely really good and the fries on point making this HSP nice!

One small criticism was the sizing of the actual box and the price, didn’t really get what I feel like I paid for, $15 for a smaller box then majority of other HSP places…..might feel like a bit overpriced.

However the food a definitely above average that is for sure and service was on par to what you would expect at HSP stop.

When In Richmond, late night/early morning and you want a feed definitely don’t be afraid to hit up the Lambs on Richmond.

Especially since the Swan Hotel is across the road, there is no excuse for drunken people not to come across!

The We Hungry review for Lambs on Richmond

Food – 3.5
Service – 4
Atmosphere – 3.5
Price – 3.5


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