La Cacciatora (Pizza a Metro)

La Cacciatora

La Cacciatora (Pizza a Metro)

(Pizza By The Meter)

29 Grattan Street, Carlton

Have you ever asked yourself….

‘Do I Really LOVE Pizza’

La Cacciatora

I mean we all do deep down, but how deep is your love for the Italian delight?

We Hungry ventured to Melbourne’s Little Italy also known as Lygon Street to feed our pizza habit.

However we weren’t exactly on Lygon Street.

We’d taken onto a side street by the name of Grattan Street.

La Cacciatora

La Cacciatora, not sure the literal translation or even if there is a translation to this name have called Melbourne home since 1959.

These guys have been making 1 meter long pizza’s for all these years.

Crazy to think that nearly 60 years on the same Pizza tradition gets passed along.

Located on a corner of Grattan Street, it actually is the only restaurant in plain sight.

With obviously Lygon street hosting every other Italian Eatery.

Everything is really old traditional at La Cacciatora, whether it be the menu’s being really old school leather,

To the vintage wooden decor in the restaurant, this place gives you a rustic vibe.


Well well now, settle settle young ones….

The pizza part is coming up!

Now we all know that Pizza generically comes in a round shape, which is the mainstream perception everyone has…

However La Cacciatora opt to go for the square, well in their case more rectangular looking Pizza.
La Cacciatora
Just remember its a meter of Pizza, not sure what other shape they could really go?!


The toppings we decided to go with were of 3

Your standard Margherita

Followed by a Bologna topping which is essentially meat balls on pizza

And thirdly the Meat Lovers, featuring salami, bacon and ham!


A lot of Pizza and thinking that this could be done by a sole human being would be a massive ask.

Between 3 would be comfortable,

2 people would be an ask,

And a 1 person trying to punish this…..well maybe a guy like Chompamatic could give this a crack!

La Cacciatora


The pizza is decent, its a mix of traditional flavours with a decent amount of cheesy goodness.

However its a really oily pizza and a lot of salt definitely goes into the dough.

The thing I did realise was, when the pizza looked really cheesy, it was actually the oil, which different to see.

I managed to down 3 bottles of water an hour later, so it really leaves a starched thirst.

Though this, it’s a real traditional Italian Pizza that has a historic Melbournian story through its long history being in the city.

Give La Cacciatora a visit and let us know what you think!

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