Kustom Burgers

Kustom Burgers

Kustom Burgers

High Street, Thornbury

High Street, Thornbury defiantly one of the very few discrete areas of Melbourne that you could claim to find a gold mine of a restaurant if your looking hard enough!

In fortuitous circumstances, we stumbled across the ‘K’ Kustom Burgers and every time I type this piece it keeps autocorrecting me.

Like my autocorrect I initially wasn’t sure this was the right place I was looking for, as I didn’t believe that spelling Custom burgers with a ‘K’ was even a thing.

Like their name, their restaurant stands out and is so unique.

Due to it being a burger place I had to bring good friend Tom along with me, who he himself could easily attest to numerous burger he consumes himself.

With their being a truck/ute as soon as you walk in, with a motorised mini car game on top of it (which wasn’t working unfortunately) I knew we were in good hands!

Recently renovating the rear room, in which we were situated to eat in, Kustom Burgers was definitely about to produce some fire for me and Tom.
Kustom Burger
As we took our seats, owner Paul gave us an array of suggestions of items of the menu, claiming one of us had to try his infamous ‘Hot Rod Burger’ which claimed to be spicy.

So taking one for the team, I went with that one, Tome going with the E-H burger and we were left to share some fried pickles, poutine and attend to a magic milkshake each.

Kustom Burgers
Looking so appealing all the food ahead of us, my biggest fear was the spice….As I’m more a ‘believe it when I see it’ type person.

So first bite in and I was ok, I was cool and calm…..until it hit me…..


This was a real struggle going to finish this one off and whilst owner Paul and Tom are having a chuckle at me, I’m almost dead here!

But the Milkshake was sure to fix this pain!
Kustom Burgers
In which it did and after every bite had to sip my shake or else I wasn’t going to make it home

But overall honestly, between the poutine, the pickles, the burgers and the shakes…..The american experience was defiantly achieved!

Overall though, If you are blessed enough to live in Thornbury and you can make this a daily occurrence to venture forth to this WE HUNGRY CERTIFIED ‘FAT FEED’

Then please by all means, be blessed to do so!

It is a real Gem!

Shout out to Paul and the Kustom Burger team for the amazing experience!Kustom Burgers

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