Guilford Lane, Melbourne CBD

This is We Hungry and this is Krimper!

Located in Guilford lane in Melbourne’s CBD its such a uniquely placed venture that you and your friends have to visit to!

Whilst working in the city would make this location a lot more accessible, getting there by commute is not too hard either.

After walking down Guilford lane, you come across an old looking hardware store.

KrimperWhich fortunate enough is where Krimper is located.

Walk in, and the retro vibe instantly tingles your spine

After siting down and being recommended to go for the black bun burger, we ordered away.

Whilst waiting you realize its a really popular spot as many people are taking photos, blogging, Instagram-ing and of course eating!

The money meal had arrived and this beauty of a burger was in front of me, with the beef brisket really being something unique that you don’t often get in a burger.Krimper

Devouring this meal one bite at a time, it was so pleasurable to eat and really pleasing the taste buds.

I couldn’t recommended any higher, that when making your way to Krimper you have to get yourself the black bun beef brisket burger it is worth every cent!

However after finishing this beauty, looking around and in the mirrors of the cafe they have a lot of desserts and of course coffee to offer.

However today we stuck with just the food, but for next time we definitely need to try their coffee game!

This one is a classical city place to eat, a little hard to find, but if you know where and what you are looking for you really need to make your way here!

Until the next eat, stay hungry friends, we always hungry!

Email us for any recommendations of places that you have we would love to hear them! OR better yet direct message us on facebook!

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