Kit Kat Balls

Kit Kat Balls

Kit Kat Balls

How To Make Kit Kat Balls

At We Hungry, we love our balls, we love them so much that we decided to show you how to make some Kit Kat Balls.

Honestly one of the most simplest and easiest things to make which will literally take you maybe 15-20 minutes to make some amazing balls.

The ingredients are as follows:
-3 x Kit Kat Chunky
– Condensed Milk

You’ll also need the following
-Chopping Board

And thats about it really, watch the video above and you can see how to make these amazeballs.

If your a lazy type and can’t be bothered watching the video, don’t worry We Hungry got you and we’ll take you through a step by step

1. Unwrap Kit Kats and put them on the chopping board
2. Cut them into as fine pieces you can, the smaller the better
3.Place them all into a bowl
4. Grab you condensed milk, our about 80 ml into the bowl
5. stir thoroughly making sure the consistency is good
6. Roll into ball shape
7. Throw in the freezer for roughly an hour



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