Indian Kitchen

Indian Kitchen

Indian Kitchen

400 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy North

Melbourne in all its diversity can throw up numerous variations of cultural food.

With of course Indian being one of them!

We Hungry were granted some exclusive insight into the newly taken over Indian Kitchen in Fitzroy North.

The location is very versatile, being nearly a 5 minute drive off the eastern freeway and located at a very accessible area in Fitzroy.

With there being a 4 hour parking next to the Indian Kitchen, you have no excuse not to make a night of it!

Once entering Indian Kitchen there is a back and a front room which are both greatly sized and can clearly show they can hold a few people.

Taking a former French restaurant there is some trails of French art work on the walls, however it really fits well with the decor of the restaurant.

Moving on the dining area is great and with the liquor license recently getting approved there is cause for good reason to celebrate a special occasion!

Moving on, the food as per usual is what our game revolves around.

Indian food has its renown reputation for potentially destroying tastebuds with the spice usually put into the food…Indian Kitchen

However the amazing Naan Bread we were given was amazing!


Not to mention the curries! They were splendid and made the tastebuds tingle to say the least!Indian Kitchen

The food on offer is completely amazing.

To think that this is just opening in Fitzroy North, you would be very fortunate to live in the neighbouring streets or suburbs for that matter!

The spread that we were given really made our mouth’s water and we hope to be visiting again sometime soon in the neat future!

If you too are a food blogger reading this or someone who is keen to try new and adventurous foods, I recommend making your way down to Nicholson St, Fitzroy North!

This is defiantly going to be worth your while!

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