Dam A Traa

Dam A Traa

Dam A Traa

Lago Maggiore, Verbano (Lake Maggiore)

Located near the Swiss border, nearby the famous Lake Como.

Roughly a 1 hour drive from Milan.

The second largest lake in Italy, spanning over 60km.


Picturesque is the least to say about this beautiful area.
And of course anywhere you go in Italy you are destined to find some amazing food.
That is almost a guaranteed.

If you ever do get the chance to make your way up to the North area of Lombardy make sure you make a visit to a little restaurant by the name of Dam A Traa.

The only thing that gives away its presence is a little sign on top of the restaurant, apart from that, you don’t really know it is there.

However, don’t let the looks deceive you!

Make your way in, find a seat and be ready to be doused in some of Northern Italy’s finest food!

The scenery already once walking in, is spectacular!

There is even a pink vespa in the restaurant to make sure if your visiting from Switzerland, you still get that Italian feel.

Once We hungry entered the building, the appetising cheese Gnocchi on the men sounded so good, it was destined to be our meal for the day!

Once it came out though…..oh wow



AMAZEBALLS literally

Not to mention the bowl that the gnocchi was in was completely made out of cheese!

Superb tasting and it was so filling that i don’t think your average Joe could finish this one off!

Dam A Traa

Then of course in Italy, no meal would be complete without a superb dessert

And above I managed to get myself a sfogletini. Which I have probably spelled wrong but….

Dam A Traa
Couldn’t tell you what exactly was in it as the menu being in Italian didn’t help, but there was definitely chocolate and condensed milk…well at least I thought so.

But that too was amazing, I just couldn’t finish it due to the fact I was so full from the Gnocchi!

But this stunning feed with an amazing view, is worth driving an hour from Milan to get to!

Arguably some of the best food inspiration I’ve seen in a long time and if you lacking some ideas make sure to check out their socials online to see what they offer!

Thanks again from the We Hungry outlet!

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