CN Tower – 360 Resturant Review

September 25, 2016


Luke @rig_luke

CN Tower – 360 Resturant Review- Toronto, ON


The CN Tower the one of the worlds tallest building, it once did hold the title however due the profession of time and the financial power of the middle east the Burj Khalifa has now taken the title.


This doesn’t mean that you still wouldn’t check out the CN tower when in Toronto! Oh no, this is a necessity, this is a must. If your a fraud of height I can understand you, but if your a go getter and enjoy seeing new things, this one is it!


The CN tower itself is located under the Ripley’s Aquarium in the downtown part of Toronto, I honestly am not going put the address because If you can’t see then you must be looking at something else, because it is that big its impossible to miss!


A bit about the CN Tower;

– It finished construction in 1976 and celebrates its 40th anniversary this year which is super cool!

-It cost at the time $63 million dollars to build, which nowadays would have been well over the 100 million.

-2 million people a year visit the structure

-It stands at 1,814 feet high which is 552 meter high….astonishing!


As much as this a tourist attraction you will for sure have to check out when your in Toronto, this however is WE HUNGRY and as much as we wanted to check out the CN tower, we wanted the food too!


Upon arrival at the CN tower we walked in and made our way to the reception desk and asked about the 360 restaurant. In which we were really late for our booking, however they knew we were hungry so they let us up anyways. The ride to the top in itself is astonishing as well, took about 45 seconds and you see so much of Toronto.


Once you get to the 360 it is a glass window surrounded by wines, in which we found out we were in the highest winery in the world. However we were ushered to our table in which is a revolving platform that does one full 360 every 50 minutes or so, I can’t recall exactly.


The menus were extremely extravagant, with the dishes and names. The king cole duck three ways appealed to me and this would be my entree, as you get to pick from 2 courses I figured dessert want too important that day. But the kings cole duck was awesome some of the foods I had ob my platter I had never even heard of before that was definitely amazing.


Then the main I got the Chicken Supreme, which was extravagant chicken had never tasted so good to me and I knew deep down this had to be one of the best meals I’ve had in Canada and possibly life it was that good. However I know this is being really really picky, I dropped a .5 on the food because it just wasn’t a lot of food, I know this is ‘We Hungry’ and I should have known better but the portions were a bit small for my liking, but I’m sure the average Joe find this enough thats for sure.


Service was immaculate cannot fault, Atmosphere too. However the price was my one little down fall, without tip it was $70 all up, so that turned into maybe $80 or so, which for a student budget isn’t that friendly, but for a tourist I guess you would have already budgeted that into your spending when you planned your trip, so it depends on how you look at it really!


But for a once in a life time experience, this is a ‘have to do’ on your itinerary when in Toronto

Food – 4.5

Service – 5

Atmosphere – 5

Price – 4

Overall 18.5/20

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