How To Make Cheesy Chicken Eggs

Cheesy Chicken Eggs

Cheesy Chicken Eggs

This recipe is a We Hungry 1st and we completely made it up experimenting!

Completely having no idea what to make for dinner one night, my We Hungry senses we tingling and decided that Chicken was on the cards.

Basically what you are going to need to make this one is

-Pasta sauce
-Parmasean Cheese
-Parsley (optional)

What you need to do:

1. Flatten the chicken out by beating it with a mallet or any sort of flattener.
2. Put some cheese on top of the chicken
3. Chop bacon up into small pieces and same again, place all over the cheese and chicken
4. Next you want to make essentially a ‘mount’ for the egg so when you crack the egg it will sit comfortably on top of the chicken
5. Cook in the oven at 180c for around 35 minutes
6. Then once taken out, place on wooden board
7. Pour a tiny amount of pasta sauce on top
8. Pour some parmesan cheese on top as well
9. Parsley if you want
10. You are done and We Hungry enjoy your Cheesy Chicken Eggs

Once digging into this one, the Chicken was extremely tender and the egg, cheese and bacon made it taste like absolute heaven!

I don’t know what exactly to call this one, so we just called it ‘Cheesy Chicken Eggs’ purely because those were the 3 main ingredients that stood out to me!

However, if you can think of a better name, please let us know and we would love to give this thing a better reputation!

As per usual, thanks for watching this one!

Hope you enjoyed it!

If you have any ideas of a meal you want us to try and cook and experiment with, give us a message and we will try and create!

As per usual, Stay Hungry….Becuase We Hungry!

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