Captain Gummy’s – Doncaster

Captain Gummy’s HSP

5 Tunstall Square, Doncaster

If you were looking for sharks in Doncaster, then you may have come to right place!
Captain Gummy’s is the fish and chip store that all the locals get around that is certain! As this place was packed once we first arrived!
However fish and chips did sound appealing!

But you know this is all about the HSP and since these guys had a little viral video of their Hellenic Snack Pack go a bit viral (200k views).
So I decided that It was a good idea for We Hungry to check it out!

Talking to manager Andy who was such a great guy, he whipped up for me the famous feed that has the town talking.
This HSP being a tad different to your usual, with the meat being a Gyro style of meat, feta cheese instead of tasty.
Not to forget the fries however there was oregano on these fries which was really unique.

Then of course the sauces on top and wallah…..we were set to have this beauty of a feed!
Initially it was so much different to any of the other HSP’s that I have had that was for certain!
One thing that I can definitely tell you is that the Feta cheese did not melt!
Which made it a tad unusual as I wasn’t sure if I was satisfied with no cheese melt or pleased?!

Not matter, this was still a filling feed and I was staggered at how heavy of a filling feast this thing was, I was struggling to finish that is for sure! But We Hungry and make sure the people know this, so we managed to fit it into my gut and was satisfied with that.

Well….If I had to say anything it is definitely a unique meal that is for sure and am not too sure if it is better or worse than the original…..all I will say is that it is unique and every HSP these days is made with their own style, so there is no way of saying their bad….its ¬†more like you didn’t like that style!

However as per usual we’ll give it a quick We Hungry review and it is as follows!

Food – 4
Service – 5
Atmosphere – 4.5
Price – 4

Overall 17.5/20

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