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Café Zingers 

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This newly renovated café located in the centre of Main Street, Croydon, is certainly one to keep an eye out for.
We at We Hungry were lucky enough to gain a first taste of the renovated Café. Although this café is not the largest on Main Street, we believe it is the
Ensuring enthusiasm in every meal, coffee and customer with the most welcoming of staff; they make every moment feel homely.
Cafe Zingers

We interpret the cafe name as having roots that lye in the lifestyle of the friendly owner, Vincent. This man is truly a Jack of all trades and a master of most! He is forever found zinging around the café, ensuring customers are not only enjoying their meal but also their day.

He pours his heart into the customers and the café itself, completing the entire renovation with the help of friends and his significant other, who coincidently is the cook behind the café’s creations.

The addition of retro style bench seats along the wall provides a 1950’s diner vibe with many other fresh additions. We were astounded at how dedicated Vincent was in providing a lasting impression to each of his customers. We couldn’t wait to try some of their most valued menu items.

Cafe Zingers

The back-door opened to unique brick alley-way, which led us to a spacious outdoor dining area. We admired the fresh autumn sun filtering through the sunshades, before being presented with two dishes that were carefully selected from the expansive menu – when we say expansive we mean expanding more than 50 items! Yes; HUGE!

The first dish was straight from the monthly special board; titled as a pulled pork burger. We’ve enjoyed a fair few pork burgers in our travels, however this was one of the best. From the tender gravy infused meat to the soft brioche bun and all that was in-between, the photo highlights why we couldn’t turn away from the dish.

At an affordable price, this burger would be the perfect lunch item for those in the area, looking for something tasty and filling. Head down to Café Zingers this month and tell us how much you loved their service!

Cafe Zingers

Our second meal was a complex and visually delicious falafel salad. It was an immediate eye-catcher.  It was difficult not to notice the range of vibrant colours in the salad, we were excited to see if the taste matched the presentation.

With a combination of roasted beetroot, caramelised onion, sundried tomatoes, fetta, capsicum & finished with a balsamic glaze, each mouthful was packed with fresh flavours, all coming together nicely that was certain to get the taste-buds tingling.

We look forward to dropping in to Café Zingers again! They provide options for everyone, offering fresh ingredients, a beautiful atmosphere and homely experience. Make Café Zingers your next dining destination.

Oh! And one quick tip: If you rate Café Zingers on TripAdvisor, you’ll receive a complimentary drink! So drop by and maybe we’ll see you there!

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