Burger Burger

Burger Burger

Burger Burger

Union Road, Surrey Hills

Big Burgers….


The type where you can’t even fit it in your mouth…

That type of Big.

Burger Burger, located in Surrey Hills in Melbourne’s inner eastern suburbs is where we make our way for this giant

Located on Union Rd among a group of shops and right next to the Surrey Hills train station,

Undeniably there are upon hundreds of reasons you will be making this trip!

Parking may be scarce due to the station always being packed, but since Burger Burger isn’t open until 5pm most days, you should be fine.

The Food

Let’s please talk about  the most exciting part of the day….The Burger!

Knowing from previous experience Burger Burger can throw a massive feed.

And just to ensure this, the Burwood Beast would be the Burger of choice for today.

Look at the utter size of this feed!


Burger Burger

Standing at what I would have to say, nearly 25cm tall

It is insanely stacked….with the contents containing the following…

Your stock standard brioche bun, slightly toasted (which is always nice)

Then you have your 2 onion rings at the top, covered by special sauce.

Proceeding this, we have the following meats in a combo on repetition.

-Southern Fried Chicken Piece
-Beef Patty

This is then followed again underneath (Yes, believe it or not)

Under the last patty there is the Jalapeños with some more special sauce.

So not only are we fed an absolute solitude of meat, there is a kick of spice at the bottom.

Now actually physically consuming the burger, that was a task on its own.

I was given a fork and knife, just in case.

However, for my part, the fortune had favoured the brave and was able to nibble from bottom to top to finish this massive thing off.
Burger Burger  The flavour mind you was all over the place.

On minute you get a real meat and chicken flavour, the next you get a saucy.

It only took me a solid 10 minutes to finish.

That being mainly down to the fact that the dissection of the burger took longer than the actual consumption.

Crazy to think!

However, overall absolutely pleased with this timeless classic from the Burger Burger team.

They really do know how to pack a punch into 2 pieces of bread.

Be sure to check out more of our We Hungry burger eats here as we are slowly racking them up!

Thanks again from We Hungry, don’t forget to Subsribe to us on YouTube here

Burger Burger





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