Boxx Cafe

Boxx Cafe

Boxx Cafe

796 Nicholson St, Fitzroy North VIC 3068

Boxx Cafe in Fitzroy North is an amazing place to enjoy yourself a massive range of top-quality breakfasts and lunches.

Not to mention drinks and coffees too!

It was once an Italian restaurant which underwent an amazing transformation to become a real hotspot of Fitzroy!

The interior is stunning, real wooden decor and fits right into the essential Fitzroy fit!

However walking in, our make shift crew were intrigued by the lovely place and instinctively burger came to mind!

Boxx Cafe

Our burger was jam packed with meat, potato cake, lettuce, tomato and bacon.

It really was succulent tasting with a great modern twist on a classic tasting meal.

The bun was nice and spongey too, going with a brioche bun .

The french fries really capped of the excellence of the combo as they were really up to standard and definitely better than your McDonalds fries….not to forget, got to mention the coke to go with it all, that really capped of the whole meal!

You get a great unique experience when visiting into the Boxx Cafe, with many burger places these days all going towards the ‘Classic American’ theme.

Boxx Cafe doesn’t portray that at all, which personally gives it that edge especially with its modern interior it really goes well.

As like when getting a box of chocolates, your always surprised to find out the flavours that are inside!

Boxx Cafe as mentioned is really new and we really hope that it can take off and find its ground as we believe there is so much potential in such a vibe of an area!

Boxx Cafe

We at We Hungry had a great time chatting to the friendly staff and would highly recommend any of their hearty burgers and crispy fries!

Drop into boxx cafe today!

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