Bobo’s Diner – Frankston

Bobo’s Diner

Nepean Highway, Frankston

Who doesn’t love a good old American grill?

One of the newer franchises on the scene, by the name of Bobo’s Diner are the one’s who are trying to take on the Melbourne food scene.

Having a Camberwell location, Chirnside Park and of course our venture…the Frankston location.

Located neatly on Nepean Highway, you’re walking distance to the beach and close enough to the heart of Frankston.

Bobo's Diner Bobo's Diner
As you can see there is an interior and the exterior out the front which you can really choose where you want to eat.

With the minor American theme inside with a few signs on Donald Trump’s reign, we decided sitting outside may work for the better.

Furthermore, moving onto the ordering of the meal.

Since Monday’s have a 2 for 1 ribs, it seemed too good to be true that we could get 2 racks of ribs for the price of one.

Ribs it was!

Bobo's Diner Served with portion of fries and a side salad, for $30 we got a really good deal today!

Nothing beats getting double for less and being able to choose the sauce ourselves it left so many temptations unanswered.

The Ribs…

Moving onto the actual consumption of the food, which, usually is the reason for going to a place in the first place

Ribs Bobo's Diner Not going to really beat around the bush here, however the ribs were literally cooked to crap.

The meat was extremely dry.

Not only to mention that after taking a bite into the bone, I was actually eating more of the bone.

Was pretty disappointed to be honest, after all this hype of getting 2 racks of ribs for that great offer….

Only to be left with, literally a bad taste in my mouth.

The salad was just a basic garden salad, so no real problem with that and the chips of course….

But to the huge disappointment, the ribs just didn’t do it today.

I’m unsure if they cooked it too long in the cooker, if they maybe managed to possibly burn them on a cooker or what really the issue was.

But unfortunately poor meat, poor ribs and not the greatest experience.

I’m sure that like any occasion this could be a possibility of the cook making a mistake, having an off night etc…

So I don’t want to entirely rule that out, however though, for next time a juicy ribs would be suited.

Anyways thanks for the read, and again please be sure to send us your experiences and recommendations here 


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