Biggie Smalls

Biggie Smalls

Biggie Smalls

86 Smith Street, Collingwood

“Biggie Biggie Biggie, cant you see….”

One of the more famous lines from a Biggie Smalls song.

If you aren’t aware of who the man is, well…

To put it shortly, he would be arguably on the greatest rappers to have ever lived

But today, we aren’t talking about the rapper Biggie Smalls….

Nah man, we’re in a deep conversation about the Kebabs in Collingwood!

Such an iconic name and a hard one to forget about on Smith Street, Collingwood.

Lets clarify first however, there are a lot of Kebab places on this part of Smith Street, leaving a lot of competition for this feisty restaurant.

Biggie Smalls

However, saying this, Biggie Smalls is definitely a stand out in comparison to its competition.

Opening from 12pm till late on weekends, it suits those wanting a cheeky kebab for lunch, dinner or post night out.

They got a crazy set list of food on the menu!

And something that struck We Hungry as different was the BSP (Biggie Snack Pack)

Apart from that, the usual kebabs, shakes, fries were all on the list.

I managed to get the ‘West Coast’ which is essentially a lamb kebab,

whilst our other companion managed the ‘Piggy Smalls’.

Both with a side of chips, mine with cheese dipping sauce….We were set for a feast!

Biggie Smalls

Looking good wrapped up, these kebabs were ours for the devouring!

And for a solid $24.50 the chips, with the cheese and the kebab, I call that a decent priced feed!


Now onto the yet again, most important part of the feed…The Food itself.

The chips are your basic ones, with a nice flavouring, so cant say much there.

The cheese side is super cool, but its really hard to dip you chips into the cheese as it is super thick!

But all g, we survived!

The Kebab….

This was such a cool kebab, definitely one of the more unique kebabs I have ever had.

Biggie Smalls
Even though the basic ingredients, the flavours went down a treat, with my kebab having.

-Roast Onion Gravy Mayo (Really nice)
-Mustard pickle carrots
And of course the roast lamb

Such a mixture of amazing taste and flavour,

I wonder how long it took them to conjure this idea of ingredients?

Filthy Kebab

Well, there it is, another Filthy Kebab demolished.

Have to say this is arguably one of the better ones we’ve come across

and will be sure to be making another visit in the future!

Thanks to the lovely Biggie Smalls for the hospitality and service.

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