Bad Boys Burgers – Lonsdale Street

Bad Boys Burgers

Bad Boys Burgers Bad Boys Burgers

Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD

Bad Boys is place to go when you’re feeling a bit naughty for a good burger. Located at the top end of Lonsdale Street which makes it a great opportunity to make the trek in from the suburbs or a short walk from your workplace.

Although the boys are bad, it’s their burgers that brings the goodness.

Their burgers diverge from the usual American mustard sauce and instead use a barbeque sauce. As a result, Bad Boys can be seen as rebel amongst the vast number of burger joints in Melbourne.

The burgers are so good that you save the last bite of the burger till the end of the meal so that you finish with the flavour of the burger.

Also sometimes when you have a burger and are you a little disappointed because you are not full, well at Bad Boys there will be no disappointment because the BB combo meal really does fill you up.

If filled us up that much, I may have been struggling to walk back to the train for the way home.Bad Boys Burgers

The chips are thick and packed with potato so that they are almost like wedges, which is a plus. They also have a great seasoning, which when devouring a burger ads another touch of flavour to the burger/fries combo.

Their menu is another stolen gem, it is simple and consistent as all the burgers are priced the same.

All burgers roll in at $9.50 except the two weekly specials which are $11.50.

In that sense, if your student budget doesn’t fulfil your pocket, this is definitely is the place for an affordable feed!

We are so keen to come back, maybe even double up on our burger next time and see if the Bad Boys staff can whip us up a fat burger that won’t fit into our mouths.

Enjoy this read, Stay Hungry….

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Bad Boys Burgers



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