Lygon Street, Brunswick

There is always in life a burger that comes across to you as ‘One of the Greatest’

It’s a real hard one to find and most of the time, when looking, you don’t find it.

However, we managed to inadvertently come across what could be…..

‘One of the Greatest’

Located on Lygon Street on the Brunswick end, B.East is sandwiched in-between a few of Lygon Streets classical Italian eateries.

B.East not only stands out due to it not being an Italian restaurant.

It more stands out due to it’s vibe, its uniqueness and how different it really is to the rest of the eats on the street.

Basically broken down B.East serves Burgers, Beers and Bangers.


The Burgers, hand in hand with the other concoction of American food (Fries, Wings, Hot Dogs) bring the people in to eat.

The beers bring the people into drink.

The Bangers…..well thats just the music that gets played nearly every night at the venue, that really drags a crowd in.

So ultimately, this venue can attract a unique crowd.


The food at B.East has a pretty simplistic menu, its just burgers, fries, wings…

All the basic American eats.

We decided to have a look at what the menu had to offer, it looked real tempting, but we decided to go with the following..

-The B.East Burger
-Clint Beastwood Burger
-Southern Fried Chicken Wings

We were truly stacked with eats.


The B.East burger had
-3 patties,
-3 bacon
-An utterly amazing ‘rivers of chilli cheese sauce’,
-Tomato ketchup.

The poutine, just your basic fries, gravy and cheese

B.EastThe Clint Beastwood was a chicken based burger.
-Southern fried chicken fillet,
-Thousand island dressing,
-Jack cheddar cheese
-Buttermilk slaw

And of course the souther fried chicken wings, pretty self-explanatory

The B.East Burger……

Hands down…..

Arguably one of the best burgers we have come across in the whole of Melbourne.

The sauce is absolutely amazing!

The meat and bacon combo, with the bacon….all that flavour….

10/10 can’t even give you anything bad about it…It was that good!

The Poutine

Again, amazing the cheese really made it something special and the gravy was on point!

Chicken Wings

Beautifully cooked in the batter, with that real southern fried chicken flavour, these were almost  as original as the kernel recipe!

And since I personally didn’t consume the Beastwood burger, I can’t comment, but it looked really damn good!

Furthermore, the venue, the vibe, the atmosphere it’s really a place you want to be.

We sat outside and its sooooo cool you can sit and watch the traffic & people walk-by, its super vibrant.

Not entirely sure what the music would be like when there is a performance, but I’m sure enough if it is anything like the food….

It would be on point!

Overall, arguably one of the best burgers i’d have to say I have come by.

The sauce was incredible in the burger and the combo of the meats and ingredients really brought the spark to my taste buds.

Thanks to the amazing staff ant The B.East….

Make sure you hit this joint up….You’ll miss our otherwise!

Thanks for reading this one, if you’re looking for more burgers check them out here






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