Aviary Hotel, Abbotsford

Aviary Hotel

The Aviary Hotel
271 Victoria St, Abbotsford VIC 3067

Well…Well… who would have thought you would find such greatness within a Hotel in the heart of Abbotsford/Richmond area?

Victoria street is known to be absolute bonkers during busy times of the day, and with the location being nearby the M.C.G and Melbourne sports precinct.

Where else would you want to go for a feed before an event?

Initially I myself would have looked at a hotel, being really ‘pub food’ oriented as that would be the initial vibe you receive.

However as per usual, looks are deceiving and I couldn’t believe the interior of this so called ‘Hotel’.¬†Fried Holloumi stick

Beer garden out the back, bar at the front upstairs and downstairs oh me oh my we were almost in a Hotel by the feel of it!

We were fortunate enough to get an inside the head chef Craig’s cooking lair and glanced upon our meals before cooked and eaten….by yours truly.

The dishes that got offered to us, are their Spring season specials. Between the NY style cheeseburger, the Chicken Parma, Fried Holloumi stick, Fresh Fish Taco and of course the has brown…..wow we were definitely leaving with a full stomach.

I can’t believimg_3407e though that a hotel would be able to provide such quality food and I cannot undermine how well everything was cooked and tasted…..on the money today!

If you live anywhere neat the Aviary hotel on Victoria street, please make your way their! They even have a beer garden out the back in case you wanted to sink a few cheeky ones with some mates!

The service was great, the atmosphere cool and the price defiantly affordable for what you are getting that is for sure!

The We Hungry overall

Food – 5
Service – 4
Atmosphere – 4
Price – 4


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