Aphro and Wolfe

Aphro & Wolfe

Aphro and Wolfe


The “home away from home” in Fitzroy North


From the moment you see the vertical signage reading “Toasties” along Brunswick Street, you know that you’ve found something special. We at We Hungry were lucky enough to discover this welcoming, retro-style café named “Aphro & Wolfe”.


As we entered the café, we felt an immediate sense of warmth and inclusion, where the friendly staff and customers would comfortably have a chat. In addition to the benefit of pleasant staff, the interior design of the café demonstrates creativity at its best, with rustic yet homely windows as wall décor and layers of tile removed to expose beautiful timbered floors. The café features a spectacular mural that was made from burnt atlas pages and precisely hand painted by “Do it baby Factory”. The mural reads the positive and uplifting phrase “and I think to myself, what a wonderful world”, which the café encapsulates in its culture.


We were presented with fantastic coffee that was brewed to perfection. We were lucky to have tasted the following dishes:


  • The Reuben: This popular toastie consisted of house corned beef, dill pickle, cheddar, dijon mustard mayonnaise and sauerkraut. The corned beef was fresh and warm and the dill pickle, cheese, mayonnaise and sauerkraut gave the toastie a pop in flavour. Definitely a winner for the We Hungry team.
  • The Chicken: The toastie included a wonderful combination of organic free range poached chicken, avocado, cheddar and citrus & mustard mayonnaise. The chicken and avocado in the toastie was sensationally appetizing. The cheddar, citrus & mustard mayonnaise served well in joining the flavours of the toastie together.


Aphro & Wolfe is certainly the place to be to enjoy wonderful toasties and coffee with immediate and extended family, friends, colleagues… or to go for the cheeky toastie and coffee on your own! Drop into Aphro & Wolfe today!




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