A Day in Niagara

September 15, 2016


Luke @rig_luke

Niagara-On-The-Lake & Niagara Falls


Location: Near the Canadian/US border of Ontario and NY State.


Well well well…. What a wonder of the world we were fortunate enough to visit in Canada!


The day begun catching a bus from Downtown Toronto all the way to our first stop, the Niagara-on-the-lake region, where we halted initially to do some ice wine tasting at the Pillitteri Winery estate. I never knew such thing existed to be honest, but knowing that it is Canada and it gets super cold, I would expect some sort of snow/winter made Canadian thing lol.


However Ice wine tastes amazing, it is fairly sweet but it is definitely worth a taste test! Bottles can go for around $50-$80 so its good quality stuff, just don’t expect to be buying cases of it.


However after taste testing the ice wine, we were then ushered away onto the bus, which took us to the next stop, Niagara-on-the-lake, the actual ‘downtown’ area if you wanted to call it that. It was such a small little cute town, kind of thing you except to see in little country towns where there  isn’t mass population, however I can imagine that a lot of tourists visit this area on a tour (similar to us).

We had about an hour to find food and venture around see what the Niagara-on-the-lake has to offer, I made my way to ‘Cows’ which my Canadian friends told me its a really good ice cream place, in which it was! All the milk and products had been sourced from Ontario farmers so its good to see places give back to the region.


Further on from their, we walked to the waterfront area, in which you get a spectacle view of the of the ‘actual lake’ that the name refers to! I was so taken away, and truly didn’t understand that such thing existed.


Then it was time to rally the squad and make our way through the Niagara Parks in which we passed our first really cool thing and that was this massive whirlpool, that separates the US and Canada, I can’t recall exactly what our driver said, it may have been the biggest anti-clockwise whirlpool in the world or North America, however I can’t recall, so I’ll leave it at that!


Heading back to the bus, I felt like Niagara Falls had to be next, because with all this bush and trails around what else could their to be seen? Well I was correct, we then headed to the mighty falls, the Niagara Falls.

‘Wow’ is what I first said, and was in complete awe of how powerful the water is that flows down the gorge. Truly amazing stuff. Apart from the falls, there is actually a lot to do around that area, there is Casino Niagara, in which we proceeded into to see what it is all about, made a nice $60 whilst playing roulette so that was great!

Walking around downtown Niagara Falls is actually pretty cool, there is a lot of restaurants, bars and places to hang out, as obviously coming all the way from another city to just see water falls won’t take up your whole day.


After the falls we opted to get on the bus and go to the Niagara outlets, in which my $60 I profited before from the Casino actually bought me 3 pairs of pants and a shirt, so really cheap stuff their if you want to buy something or do some shopping.

However all good things must come to an end, and after the outlets we eventually made our way back to the bus and made the steady trip back to Downtown Toronto.


What a day it was honestly, it is definitely worthwhile making your way down to Niagara falls if you have time when staying in Toronto, day trips on the bus start at $79 and for that cheap amount you can definitely afford to splurge if you go to the outlets!


No review or rating out of 20 on this one, just an experience to share for you and journey you need to make in your lifetime!

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