6 Things to do on a Long Plane Flight

September 17, 2016


Nick D’Urbano

6 things to do on a long plane flight

Long plane flights can be an excruciating journey for those on board. The thought of a plane flight in the excess of 3 hours can be a scary thought. However, there are some tips which can help you get through one of these long flights and maximise the time you spend on board the flight. Which in turn, should make it as enjoyable as possible for yourself!


The most effective way to kill time is to have a nice snooze whilst on board. The body will get a chance to re-charge and rest whilst taking up the majority, if not the entire flight. Also, it allows for our bodies to not be subject to crying babies, loud talking and other on flight distractions.

Read a book

Haven’t we always said we would start a book but never get around to it? A plane flight provides the best opportunity for yourself to indulge yourself in a novel of your choosing. Usually, a book allows for the mind to focus on a particular story-line and take their attention away from the flight itself. Furthermore, reading can be a good way to relax and tick a box off your list of ‘must-do’s’. Especially if it is to finally read the Da Vinci Code or a classic Stephen King novel.

Watch a movie

One of the more popular choices on-board a flight is to watch the entertainment on show. Usually, on long flights, the aircraft company provide a television which have a selection of new and classical movies. Watching a long 2-hour movie can kill significant time and have the same effect that a book can have on your focus. If it is an even longer flight, you can watch a few of those movies that you have always wanted to see as there is a large array of choices on display for all tastes.

Chat with those around you

What better way to kill time then to meet some of those on board with you? This may be unconventional, but chatting to your neighbour in the seat next to you may be an option worth taking up. You never know who you mat meet on board a flight and it allows for an increase in character building skills by having the curtesy to simply have a chat.

Start a new tv-series

Another option other than a movie is to start a television series. Many have said they will start Game of Thrones, Suits, The Walking Dead and Narcos but never get the chance due to our busy schedules. However, on board, you could knock off quite a few episodes at a time and potentially finish an entire season. What’s even better is, if you get hooked after 4-5 episodes the flight will be over. Therefore, you will be able to have that chat around the water cooler at work the next day about that specific show.

Hydrate and eat

Hydration and nutrition is key when on a plane. The last thing you want is to be stuck being hungry or thirsty when on board a plane. Make sure you have snacks to munch on throughout the flight. A drink bottle that you can have with you and take up the options that the flight-attendants offer in terms of food and drink.

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