5 Sisters Kebabs

5 Sisters Kebabs

5 Sisters Kebabs

Burgundy Street, Heidelberg



It has been a while, but since we returned with our appetite being as hungry as ever we decided to unleash on another HSP.

This time we have made our way to the 5 Sisters Kebabs on Burgundy St in Melbourne’s north east suburb of Heidelberg.

Having never really seen the place and only ironically stumbling across it, it seemed a good idea to check it out.

With so much food in the window and HSP written on the door…..there was only one thing left to do.

Venture in and as per usual, a small set up, as of course take away is the main game with these guys (or should I say girls).

As Ordering our HSP they have so much meat on their massive kebab spits I was certain that this would be a good feed.

The meat looked like the pre made stuff, but upon closer inspection and talking to the owners/staff it was real meat that they them selves made from scratch.

So I pray that once I receive this HSP it will be as amazing as they are trying to make it out to be.

Initially getting the HSP, looks like your standard HSP.

However digging into it, maybe 2-3 bites in, there wasn’t a lot of meat, which I was slightly disappointed about.

But the meat was definitely the Gyro style meat, not the pre made stuff.

Chips were really seasoned and fat which is amazing!

Sauces are super nice, can’t complain about that.

Overall its a really delicious, but as mentioned in the video, wasn’t the best HSP ever.

Its a really nice HSP, if you want to get something quick, cheap and easy whilst your in Heidelberg.

However, honestly i’ve definitely had better ones!

Anyways…..make sure you try out this HSP @ 5 Sisters Kebabs in Heidelberg.

Located right near the Austin Hospital and maybe 10 minute drive to La Trobe university.

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