4 Restaurants in the world with amazing views

September 16, 2016


Nichol Ong

4 Restaurants in the World that have AMAZING views

Whether you prefer a candle-lit dinner with views of the cityscape or a relaxing brunch overlooking the Mediterranean, these 4 restaurants around the world each offers a unique dining experience that is sure to tantalise your senses.

1) Remvi Restaurant, Santorini, Greece


Offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Remvi Restaurant is a gem located at the Remvi Villa on the dreamy island of Santorini, Greece.

Enjoy the cool sea breeze over brunch, or up your romance game with a romantic dinner for two while the sun sets over the horizon. Amazing beaches and crystal clear water is looking upon you and if you can’t see the twinkle in your eyes you aren’t looking hard enough! Enjoy this beautiful spectacle when visiting Greece

2) Äscher Cliff Restaurant, Weissbad, Switzerland

Tucked away in a remote corner of a mountain and possessing a Harry Potter-esque facade is the Äscher Cliff Hotel and Restaurant, in Weissbad, Switzerland.

Getting here requires a hike, but reward yourself with a gorgeous coffee after you arrive, and gratify your senses with the sweeping views and cool climate of the mountainous regions of Switzerland. You deserve it if you have hiked that high into the wood lands of the Swiss Alps.


3) Asiate, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New York

Nothing says metropolitan like New York City. For urbanites, swing by the Asiate Restaurant in New York’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Looking over the New York cityscape and the world-renowned Central Park, Asiate offers an indulgent fine dining experience with the Big Apple right under your feet. If the view isn’t the thing that catches you then I’m sure it would have to be the food, beautiful dining in the concrete jungle.

4) andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

It’s not everyday you get to visit a wildlife conservation area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So while you’re there, why not have some food?

Uniquely positioned right at the edge of a crater, the andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in Tanzania offers unparalleled views of the African landscape and is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget.


So there it is! 4 different restaurants around the world that each encapsulates the beauty of its natural surroundings.


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