2 Little Pigs

2 Little Pigs

146 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Oink Oink, is what came to my head when I heard the name of this place.

When feeling hungry and want to feast like a little pig, well, I guess you already know where your going.

2 little pigs Brunswick road is forever busy and getting myself their at around 8am was defiantly not any easy task that is for sure!

Having arrived, entering inside you instantly get the cafe vibe.

2 Little PigsWith donuts and all types of little goodies in the window you know you’ve made it to the right cafe as of course, any pig would devour this yummy treat!

However, We Hungry now window shopping at all this food, however we looked at the menu and decided that the beetroot eggs sounded appealing enough to eat!
But, coffee game must be checked before proceeding and lets just say, no mistakes were made here that is for sure.

Now lets move onto the main course!


And Wow, is what I have to say about this one, incredibly appealing! 2 Little Pigs

It looked good on the plate, tasted good in my mouth and most of all it satisfied the We Hungry food needs that is for sure!

With potato crisps on top of the dish, let alone the eggs, the puree, the bread and the salad……food-gasm was ensuing.

With such a great vibe in the actual restaurant, let alone the atmosphere of Brunswick and 2 Little Pigs has to offer, I think we have found another goodie for your to eat at!

As per usual, Brunswick manages to produce the goods.

Don’t think there are many bad places in this neighbour hood to be honest, every time We make our way out, its always a pleasant experience.

Feast on my fellow We Hungry people, enjoy this one and stay Hungry until the next eat!

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