The 12 Apostles

12 Apostles

Princetown, Victoria, Australia

This, my friends is the 12 Apostles, located roughly 3 hours west of Melbourne, located on the Great Ocean Road.

Essentially however there is only 8 apostles and now due to erosion only 7. But since the name caught on the 12 apostles is what it will be forever called.

In realistically and isolated town with not much to do and see, all that Port Campbell has to offer for anyone visiting is the 12 apostles. 12 Apostles

With there also being accessibility to the beach through several trails and walking routes there definitely is much to see and do!

However we were fortunate enough to get a helicopter ride to travel for 15 minutes over the Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles and see from and ariel view what it was all about!

For roughly $145 per person you can get yourself a quick 15 minute flight over the apostles with the helicopter service that is directly rear of the 12 Apostles.HelicopterThe beauty of this amazing site is that it is literally the end of Australia, from this shore onwards the only thing left afterwards in Antartica, no other country or sufficient land mass exists in-between.

With Australia being the biggest island in the world, its crazy to see how it all ends.

And what a beauty it is.

There are many services and tourist services I should say that locals and tourists can get from Melbourne to make their way to the 12 Apostles.

If a day trip is not your thing, then definitely consider staying in Port Campbell overnight. The town isn’t overly huge but there is an awesome beach and a great township, with many windy roads to drive on.
12 Apostles
With Port Campbell being very tourist based, you definitely will fit in regardless where you are from, as from my experience, meeting other Aussies, people from Belgium, the USA and China, your sure to fit in well.



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